NYC DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION is the public website for the New York City Department of Education. I conceptualize, plan, write and edit content, and work with designers and engineers to continuously improve the website’s functionality.

Here are a few pages I am most proud of:

I wrote all of the content and led the design engineering of these pages.


the byte

the byte is a newsletter for employees of the Division of Instructional and Information Technology. The goal of the byte is to share success stories and foster strong employee connections. I conceptualize, research, and write the stories. I also manage the byte’s editorial calendar and work with designers to create visual assets.

Here is what a typical issue of the byte looks like.


Style guide for technology

This guide was created to inform the design of applications developed by the DOE.

It governs colors, logos, typography, iconography, accessibility, user personas, voice, tone, photography, links, and other graphic elements.

View the guide.



In December 2021, the DOE launched SupportHub, a one-stop shop for all technology support information. Visitors can browse topics and open tickets if they still need help.

I wrote the copy for all of the tiles. I worked with call center operators and reviewed website analytics to determine which topics were most important and how visitors phrase their questions.

Check out the SupportHub.


Workshop: How to write effective emails

As part of an innovative professional development program at the DOE, I was asked to lead a workshop on how to write effective emails. (I shared my communications expertise with colleagues while also learning facilitation and presentation skills).

The workshop was so successful that I was asked to run it again twice. The third time was during the height of the pandemic, so I converted the workshop to be entirely virtual.

View the presentation deck.


The 2020 #NYCSchoolsTech Virtual Summit

#NYCSchoolsTech is a program that connects educators passionate about technology, and every summer it hosts a learning and networking event.

In 2020 the summit was hosted virtually, so we took a new approach to drive engagement. I worked with the designers, video editors, and show runners to write web copy, edit speaker bios, and write trivia questions that appeared on-screen.

View the 2020 event website.

PROBONONET content redesign is a website platform that ProBonoNet, a non-profit that offers web solutions to legal justice organizations, provides to state legal aid organizations across the U.S.

As the content manager for, I spearheaded a successful, complete reorganization of all its content.

See a before and after of the content.


Promotional postcards for

This is a postcard that I designed to help spread awareness of and its resources.

The postcard was distributed in libraries, community centers, and legal aid offices across New York State. It is double sided: one side is in English, the other is in Spanish.

I also wrote the copy and worked with a translator to create the Spanish text.


Content for LawHelp Interactive

LawHelp Interactive is an online website to create free legal documents and courts forms. I copy edited and rewrote most of the copy for this site. The goal was to have the copy improve user experience and workflows.

Check out LawHelp Interactive.


Press releases

The Atlantic Club is one of New Jersey’s premier health and fitness centers and has locations in Manasquan and Red Bank. I wrote press releases on new business initiatives, new fitness programs, and charitable events.

Here are a few press releases I wrote for the Atlantic Club.


Stories about the health and fitness industry

CBI is a trade publication for health clubs. I have written dozens of articles for CBI, so here are a few of my favorites:

“The Anatomy of State Victory,” September 2015

“Inclusive Fitness Means Fitness for Everyone,” August 2014

“Solid Gold Citizen,” May 2014


Blogging for business

The Denim Lounge is a Chicago clothing store known for having a wide selection of designer denim at affordable prices. But most importantly: they have a beer fridge and they let dogs in the store. The Denim Lounge wanted to build its online presence through a blog, so I wrote monthly blog posts on in-store events, sales, and fashion trends.

Jeans for Dreams

This Weekend: Adopt a Dog, Save a Life

Our Return Policy Is About Customers, Not Credit Cards


Travel writing

Once upon a time, I fancied myself a travel writer. I wrote about Boston, a city that was once my home and will always be among the best places on earth.

“Behind the Boston Hard Gaze: Are There Kind Eyes?”

“Life Trumps Death in the Famous Mt. Auburn Cemetery”

“Looking for Lavish Lodging in Boston? Consider Spending a Night in Jail”

“Drink: A Boston Speakeasy That Speaks to Your Moods”