The Denim Lounge

Slide1The Denim Lounge is the reason Chicago dresses so well. They sell premier denim lines and casual clothing for guys, gals, and kiddos. They also allow dogs in the store and have a beer fridge. I write blog posts that inform, engage and inspire customers, and generate sales leads.

State Employees Credit Union

secuState ECU is a financial institution that not only knows your name but also where your kids go to school. The staff at State ECU are experts in money matters and building relationships with members. As banking became more digital, State ECU ramped up its online presence to stay in touch with members. I helped reinvigorate their blog by giving it a distinct, accessible voice and a stronger New Mexico feel.


Woody’s, a specialty menswear store in St. Louis, Missouri, presented a challenge: bring in a newer, younger generation of customers, especially millennials, without alienating the mature, loyal customers. Challenge accepted. I created punchy, SEO-rich blog copy poised for discovery by younger consumers. Also, each post contains compelling images that appeal to consumers who shop mostly online.

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Web Content

Honey & Thyme

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.53.24 PMHoney & Thyme is a bakery that specializes in French macarons. The owner wanted help with two things: 1) clarifying what makes her products different and unique, and 2) distinguishing her voice. So, we got cookin’. We mixed soul with artistry, layered expertise with passion, added a dash of wit and voilà–the result was delicious web copy guaranteed to sell.


Marketing Collateral

The International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association

IHRSA displayMysterious name, important function. IHRSA is a global trade association for the health club industry, which means they help health club operators do what they do, better. IHRSA helps clubs in many ways, but I assist with three: advocacy, membership sales, and event promotion. First, I write and design compelling digital reports that explain the impact of IHRSA’s lobbying efforts. Second, I write attention-getting copy for brochures and emails that tell health club operators about the many great benefits of IHRSA membership, and third, I write equally awesome print and digital copy persuading fitness professionals to attend IHRSA events.

Other Cool Projects

Club Business International magazine

CBI coverCBI is a trade publication for health clubs. Trade publications can be nap inducers, so I break the mold. As a contributing editor, I take an ambiguous-sounding topic (e.g. member engagement) and give it a face, name, and story. As a testament to my abilities, I can proudly say I made public policy exciting.

I’ve written dozens of articles for CBI, so here are a few of my favorites:

1512685_630109977056563_1956214268_nOnce upon a time, I fancied myself a travel writer (the inclination might return one day). I wrote about Boston, a city that was once my home and will always be among the best places on earth. Go, Sox.