LawHelpNY provides free legal information and referrals to New Yorkers who cannot afford an attorney. As the content manager for, I create and edit web content, formulate content strategies and maintain content on the website. Here are a few highlights of my work:

Understanding legal separation
How to contest a divorce
Have a plan in case of immigration arrest

Skills used: writing, editing, design, strategic planning, SEO

LawHelp Interactive 

LawHelp Interactive is an online website to create free legal documents and courts forms. I copy edited and rewrote most of the copy for this site. The goal was to have the copy improve user experience and workflows.

Check out LawHelp Interactive

Skills used: copyediting, editing, copywriting

The Atlantic Club

The Atlantic Club is one of New Jersey’s premier health and fitness centers and has locations in Manasquan and Red Bank. I wrote press releases on new business initiatives, new fitness programs, and charitable events.

Here are a few press releases I wrote for the Atlantic Club

Skills used: writing, B2C writing, public relations

The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association

IHRSA is a trade association for health and fitness centers. IHRSA is dedicated to supporting health club companies across the globe, and I help with two of IHRSA’s core efforts: advocacy and marketing. For the former, I design digital reports that explain the impact of IHRSA’s lobbying efforts. For the latter, I write copy for marketing emails, minisites and more.

*Samples coming soon. I have to track down a few folks for links*

Skills used: copywriting, marketing, design

The Denim Lounge

The Denim Lounge is a locally owned and operated clothing store in Chicago. They’re known for a wide selection of designer-brand denim at affordable prices, and most importantly, they have a beer and wine fridge and they let dogs in the store. ‘Nuff said. The Denim Lounge wanted to build its online presence through a blog, so I wrote monthly blog posts on in-store events, sales, and fashion trends.

Jeans for Dreams
This Weekend: Adopt a Dog, Save a Life
Our Return Policy Is About Customers, Not Credit Cards

Skills used: blogging, copywriting, SEO


Woody’s, a specialty menswear store in St. Louis, Missouri, presented a challenge: bring in a newer, younger generation of customers, especially millennials, without alienating the mature, loyal customers. Challenge accepted. I created punchy, SEO-rich blog copy poised for discovery by younger consumers. Also, I chose compelling images to appeal to consumers who shop mostly online.

The Only Style You Need for November: The “Tweed” Sport Coat by Alexander Julian
Cheers to 64 Years!
The Denim Shirt Is the First Sign of Spring

Skills used: blogging, copywriting, SEO

Club Business International

CBI is a trade publication for health clubs. I have written dozens of articles for CBI, so here are a few of my favorites:

“The Anatomy of State Victory,” September 2015
“Inclusive Fitness Means Fitness for Everyone,” August 2014
“Solid Gold Citizen,” May 2014

Skills used: writing, reporting, interviewing, relationship building


Once upon a time, I fancied myself a travel writer. I wrote about Boston, a city that was once my home and will always be among the best places on earth.

“Behind the Boston Hard Gaze: Are There Kind Eyes?”
“Life Trumps Death in the Famous Mt. Auburn Cemetery”
“Looking for Lavish Lodging in Boston? Consider Spending a Night in Jail”
“Drink: A Boston Speakeasy That Speaks to Your Moods”

Skills used: writing, reporting, SEO

Want to see more?

If there is something else you would like to see, or have questions about my work, shoot me a message.


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