content redesign is a website platform that ProBonoNet, a non-profit that offers web solutions to legal justice organizations, provides to state legal aid organizations across the U.S.

New York State’s website,, is PBN’s flagship example of the platform, and was used as both an example of best practices and a testing ground for new functionality.

As the content manager for, I spearheaded a successful, complete reorganization of all its content.

Below is a before-and-after example of one section of the site.


The topics are not listed in any meaningful order, they lack a naming convention, there is no clear flow of content, and the numbers in parentheses do not provide meaningful information.

Lawhelp site before the reorg


The presentation is still busy (we were not able to engineer a new UI), but the topics are clearly differentiated and organized in a meaningful way, they are described in plain, conversational language, and unnecessary information (the numbers in parentheses) have been removed. The result is a cleaner presentation that allows the visitor to easily identify their issue and click on the correct section.

Screenshot of lawhelpny website after the reorg