Bright Spot

Originally appeared on in the byte on April 10, 2020 | I can’t link to the original because, well DOE security rules. Sad, I know. Just imagine it being in a fun layout in your inbox.

The byte
Regents got cancelled, school closures are extended to April 29, and the novelty of working in pajamas is wearing off…BUT…there are bright spots amid all of this. 

Like what?
Like this thank you email from Cristina Vargas-Moya, the payroll secretary at P.S. 8 in the Bronx. She was having difficulty accessing a DOE-issued laptop, but then she was helped by Pablo Guerrero, a DIIT Bronx field support team member. JC Jordan, Pablo’s boss, shared the email with the byte. It has been edited for clarity and length:

“I just want to thank you for your exceptional help, knowledge, compassion, and patience. Words can not express the gratitude I feel for all the effort and time you put into resolving my issue with my laptop. As such, I would like to commend you for your extraordinary work.  You went above and beyond, you went as far as listening to me crying on the phone over my frustration and stress, which I’ve been dealing with since March 23, when I first called the Help Desk, trying to get assistance in order to do my work from home. You allowed me that and that meant a lot and I will be forever grateful!” 

Wow. I felt that.
Yeah. Honestly, who hasn’t felt like Cristina at some point during the past month? But thanks to Pablo, Cristina was able to get what she needed to work from home. It’s a great reminder that we ARE reaching folks with remote learning and work. The process may not always be pretty, but we are making a positive impact. 

That goes for everyone at DIIT, right?
Absolutely. “It’s been a tiring, chaotic month, but the amount of change we are making is incredible,” Anuraag Sharma, our CIO, told the byte. “We have stood up so many tools and applications that allow people to work and teach from home. We are making a big impact.”

Excellent. And go, Pablo!
Go, Pablo, indeed. Keep up the good work. And, everyone, keep up your good work too. You’re doing great.