A Man Doesn’t NEED a Watch Anymore, He WANTS It (It’s About Emotion, Folks)

Photo Credit: Frank Park via Unsplash

“Some may argue that with a clock on every smartphone and mini computers on many wrists, no one needs a mechanical watch. But needs are different from wants. A man’s desire for an expensive mechanical watch isn’t about logic; it’s about emotion.


Typically, a man buys his first status watch to mark a career achievement, as a sort of one-handed high-five. It becomes a wearable trophy, a daily reminder that says, I can do this. In 2001, Brian Monaco was a 28-year-old talent agent, working with the cast of MTV’s ‘The Real World’ for a national roadshow that had only been performed on college campuses, until Mr. Monaco managed to book it a night at New York’s Beacon Theatre. ‘It was a big deal for me,’ he said. He bought a Rolex GMT for about $5,000. ‘You walk down the street and anyone can wear a suit and a tie,’ he said. ‘But a good watch sets you apart.'”


-Kevin Gray, WSJ, “Do Men Still Crave Status Watches?”



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